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Plasmic Reflection

// Interactive pulsating light & sound installation. 


+ Exhibited at Maker Faire NY (2016)Blue Ribbon Winner!); 

ITP winter show (2015).

+ Collaborator: Jamie Charry

+ Project timeline: 5 weeks

+ Design Type: Interactive Installation

Plasmic Reflection is a personal contemplative art installation that seeks to create a moment of reflection within public space, through an amplified visual and auditory expression of heartbeats and sounds. 

The reflection begins once the installation is approached and touched. 


Plasmic Reflection design is based on an infinity mirror effect to promote contemplation and a sense of wonder towards unknown horizons. 


To build this installation Jamie Charry and I used an Arduino Uno micro-controller, photo-sensor, RGB LED strips and diffused the light with paper cuts in raw and organic-like shapes.



Dimensions 71’’ x 21’’ x 5.5'' 

Video Demonstration
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