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Times Square Electronic Garden​

// Plants, light & sound interactive public installation


+ Exhibited: during a 24 hours period in the center of Times Square NYC, May 10th, 2016

+ Project Timeline: 2 months

+ Design Type: Interactive Installation

An NYU student driven full-scale group project was installed outdoors for public display in Times Square for the NYCXDesign festival and Global Design NYU in May 2016.

The “Times Square Electronic Garden” project initiated a conversation about climate change, energy use and green urban spaces. Designed and fabricated by New York University students, this earth bomb or “seed bomb” featured speakers and live sensors among the plants that connected to our URL.


The idea was to “re-nature” Times Square so that the public can contemplate new natures within our cities. We invited people to explore soothing living vegetative surfaces and recognize the stark contrast of their hyper-electrified surroundings. The students designed and built an open central sphere for visitors to circulate through so that they could encounter a microcosm of hanging gardens. Around the sphere we created a greenscape of serpentine living benches for rest, gathering, and contemplation.


Co-Principal Investigators: Mitchell Joachim, Louise Harpman, Peder Anker

NYU ITP: Namira Abdulgani, Kylin Chen, Ella Dagan, Jordan Frand, Michelle Hessel, Renata Kuba, Gal Nissim, Isabel Paez, Tigran Paravyan, Lutfiadi Rahmanto, Leslie Ruckman, Abhishek Singh, Edson Soares, Katie Temrowski, Jed Watson, Yan Zhao, Yang Zhao

NYU Gallatin: Theo Mandin-Lee, Jordan Marks, Max Mezzomo, Valerie Mu, Shel Orock, Alex Selz,Henry Wang.

NYU Staff: Karim Ahmed, Jenny Kijowski, Nicholas P Likos, Lillian J Warner, Matthew Tarpley,Shandor Hassan

Sound Designer & Producer: Shai Pelled

John Salveto at Metalform Studio

Film Media: Keith Miller

Sponsored by: GDNYUNYU Gallatin SchoolTimes Square AllianceNYCxDESIGNNYU ITP.

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