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// Big news!! I co-authored with Oğuz Buruk, Katherine Isbister, Elena Márquez Segura and Theresa Jean Tanenbaum the book Playful Wearables Understanding the Design Space of Wearables for Games and Related Experiences. The book is now available for preorder through the MIT Press website. It will be published in December 2023!

// So excited to write this: In July 2023 I return to Google full time!! I will continue to do research aiming at growing opportunities for people to access information, learn and connect with each other and the world around us.

// Passed my dissertation defense on May 16, 2023!! You can call me Doctor Ella from now on ;)

// The research paper on diverse engineering teams titled A Qualitative Study on Building and Sustaining Highly Diverse Software Engineering Teams I authored with my team at Google was accepted for publication at FSE'23 

// Angie's pictorial exploring designing cuteness with AI titled The Cuteness Factor: A Collaborative Design Framework for Artists, Designers, and Engineers was accepted for publication at DIS '23. Author list: Angela Y.H. Fan, Chen Ji, Ella Dagan, Samir Ghosh, Yuhui Wang, and Katherine Isbister.

// 2023 started, and I'm working part time with the UXR team at Niantic Labs while wrapping up my dissertation.

// It's an honor to join Google as a research intern to study what can lead to more diverse engineering teams with Emerson Murphy-Hill and his team in Summer of 2022. 

// I'm excited to participate/present in two CHI 2022 workshops in New Orleans! One workshop is on developing toolkits for exploring wearable design and the other is on tangible interaction for well-being. 

// Our TOCHI journal paper Design (not) Lost in Translation: A Case Study of an Intimate-Space Socially Assistive ‘Robot’ for Emotion Regulation will be presented at CHI by my advisor, Katherine Isbister! 


// The current NSF-funded project I'm working on, the Social Wearables Edu-LARP is feature on the UCSC News: Superheroes, spaceships, and social wearables: An immersive, social STEM camp for middle school girls sparks interest, builds confidence in STEM Also our paper about the first implementation of the camp Anywear Academy: a Larp-based Camp to Inspire Computational Interest in Middle School Girls was accepted for publication at DIS '22. 


// The augmented reality (AR) lenses I worked on with Snap's team during my internship are out in the world! Check out ALSO our paper: Project IRL: Playful Co-Located Interactions with Mobile Augmented Reality was accepted to CSCW 2022.

// Our paper Design (not) Lost in Translation: A Case Study of an Intimate-Space Socially Assistive Robot for Emotion Regulation was accepted for publication at TOCHI, forthcoming in 2022! You can see the product that came out of it, it's now on QVC TV ;) 

// Our Strong Concept paper Synergistic Social Technology: Designing Systems with 'Needs' that Encourage and Support Social Interaction received "Best Paper Honorable Mention" at DIS 2021 

At most 5% of submissions can receive an Honorable Mention Award :D 

// May 2021: Passed my QE! Now I'm officially a PhD candidate ;)

// Our pictorial: Drawing From Social Media to Inspire Increasingly Playful and Social Drone Futures was accepted for publication at DIS 2021! My co-authors: Alexandra Pometko,Ferran Altarriba Bertran, and Katherine Isbister.  

// Our paper (authored by Katherine Isbister and I): Synergistic Social Technology: Designing Systems with 'Needs' that Encourage and Support Social Interaction was accepted for publication at DIS 2021

// Honored to be selected as a 2020 Snap Research Fellow!


// Pleased to write that we signed our book contract on Playful Wearables with the MIT Press! My awesome co-authors are Katherine Isbister, Elena Márquez Segura, Theresa Tanenbaum, and Oğuz Buruk. The book is planned to be published in 2021!

// Started a three-month internship with the HCI team at Snap research, June 2020.

// I was selected to participate at the DIS doctoral consortium in July 2020. Initially, it was supposed to happen in Eindhoven but was moved online.

// Two Late Breaking Works (Posters) were due to be presented at CHI 2020 in April 2020 in Hawaii. One is about Flippo, a social wearable creature prototype that is meant to support people to take breaks away from their desks and move, as well as to socialize with others by caring for their creatures. The other is about exploring a new situated and emergent method for play design by turning to social media.

// Presented 'True Colors' social wearable at UbiComp / ISWC 2019 in the demo session and in a workshop exploring social experience around wearables in London. 

// Mentored four highschool students through the Science Internship Program (SIP) over a period of 8 weeks in my lab at UC Santa Cruz during the summer of 2019. Together we designed and created a new design concept for a social wearable prototype.

// Presented the full paper I've led titled: Design Framework For Social Wearables, and participated with our position paper in the workshop: Larping (Live Action Role Playing) as an Embodied Design Research Method at DIS 2019 in San Diego.

// It was exciting to present the full paper I've led titled: Designing 'True Colors': A Social Wearable that Affords Vulnerability at CHI 2019 in Glasgow.

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