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// AniBuddy is a Mixed Reality application that is designed for

the Microsoft Hololens. It was a finalist for the Microsoft Design Expo, 2017.

We envisioned a novel MR experience geared towards girls aged 8-10 featuring a hologram character (Anibuddy), which resides in a wristband and awakens when the girl puts on her Hololens. The wristband can be worn at all times and provides haptic feedback. The tangible connection to the character through the wristband could make the MR experience more powerful.

+ Collaborators: Gal NissimLeslie RuckmanJess Scott-DutcherNilomee Jesrani

+ My Roles: Concept Design, Prototyping, Video Production (cinematography & editing)

+ Design Type: Speculative

+ Project Timeline: 8 Weeks


Anibuddy is an MR (Mixed Reality) chatbot designed to help girls aged 8-10 build confidence and problem solving skills. Like the stuffed animals and imaginary friends you had as a kid, AniBuddy is a supportive playmate that comforts, encourages, and inspires the imagination. 

The virtual nature of this dimensional, hologram character holds lots of potential for sharing and connecting to age-appropriate content. 

Our concept also considers the value of physical connections. The Anibuddy character lives within a wristband which becomes a visual reminder of the secret friend within, and signals belonging to the league of motivated girls.



Interaction Demonstration Video


Meeting with the Girl Empowerment Group in New Jersey:

We discovered and interviewed a group of 8-10 year old girls, led by their teacher Ms.Muse that meets once a week to discuss role models and to share problems that are bothering them -  Our target User Group for this product. 

We learnt about how Ms.Muse teaches them about the importance of having self-confidence and being part of a supportive community like this group. 


Girl Empowerment Group in New Jersey, Led by their school teacher Ms.Muse

  • Gestures with the MR content

  • Physical interactions with the wristband

The primary interaction with AniBuddy is talking to it. But, there are lots of other things that AniBuddy can do too. AniBuddy can pull in information from APIs, show videos, and 3D models. We want to give a robust educational experience with information that girls can sort, pick apart, and explore in their own way.

A wristband that provides haptic feedback makes the MR experience more powerful. It can be worn all the time, and serves as a Home for the AniBuddy to live.

It can be worn all the time, and serves as a Home for the AniBuddy to live. 

Pressing the wristband and get a response as haptic feedback. 

The wrist band records signs of nervousness. AniBuddy can reference these in the next MR conversation with the girl. 


Having a dimensional character in Mixed Reality that the girl can interact with is more powerful than a faceless chat-bot. 

This experience leverages: 

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning

  • Scripted Chats

Personalizing the Experience

When the MR experience is launched through the Hololens, girls can select their AniBuddy and personalize the characteristics.

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