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In Skinz 

// Printed textile series made with code to mix human skin tones to complement everyone on earth. In this project, I explore working with generative code to create viable prints for textile design. 


+ Exhibited at ITP spring show (2016).

+ Solo Project: Design Concept, Coding, Print Design


+ Tools: Rune.js javascript library

+ Design Type: Generative Print

Inspired by Angélica Dass Humanæ project, which aims to record and catalog all possible human skin tones, this series of prints were coded with javascript Rune.js library.

The prints combine about eighty tones to create richly colored printed textiles for the fashion industry, striving for equality while complementing everyone.

This project is ongoing.

Photoshop Mock Ups

Prints tested on various textiles and styles to show possible design application range.

Coded Print Series for Textiles
Swatch Book
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