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always curious so say HELLO!
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always curious so say HELLO!


Message received.

Hello there!

I’m Ella Dagan, PhD.

My passion is helping people feel connected to everyone else in the world, themselves, and life in all its forms.

Technology has the potential to support us in our everyday lives and relationships. I explore this potential in my work. To shape future technology design to be human-centered, meaningful, delightful and fun I research, design, create and teach at the intersection of design, fashion, technology, social psychology, storytelling, remembrance, and wonder.

Later this year, the book I co-authored on Playful Wearables is coming with MIT Press. If you're curious to read, you can already preorder it (Go to

I received my doctorate from the University of California Santa Cruz for my research contributions on encouraging social connection with wearable technology when I worked at Katherine Isbister’s Social Emotional Technology Lab in the computational media department. 


In my master’s from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU Tisch, I explored computational art, design thinking, and all sorts of ideas to shape our future positively. Previously I was a fashion designer working in the industry ;)


I'm always happy connecting to discuss how we can make this place better for all.

You can find me on Linkedin





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