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// a social wearable "creature" prototype designed to support people to take breaks from their desk and move, as well as to socialize.

+ Presented at CHI '20.

+ Project Timeline: 6 months

+ Collaborators: James FeySanoja KikkeriCharlene Hoang, Rachel Hsiao, Katherine Isbister

+ Design Type: Wearables

The Robo-Shoe-Flies wearables took the shape of soft and fuzzy bug-like creatures. They live on people’s shoes and occasionally nudges them when they need to move and have social interaction with other creatures of their species.


They nudge their wearers by making sounds and visual effects and require their wearers to coordinate movement to help them face each other.


When these creatures are satisfied with the interaction they display a colorful light animation and play 'happy' tunes.


We ran a preliminary study with 13 participants, the results show the potential of the design to encourage and facilitate

co-located social interaction. 

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