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a Bird's View 

// Womenswear collection design 


+ Presented: RTW runway show at the Royal Courts of Justice, London UK (2012).

+ Project Timeline: 5 months 


+ Design Type: Fashion 

This collection investigates the point in which an abstract image becomes recognizable and takes form – that certain moment one perceives something and can identify it.

Elevating “nothing” into “something”.


Inspired by contemporary artists; the Chemigrams of Pierre Cordier, the huge canvases with endless colors of Gerhard Richter, the Kinetic Art of Jacob Agam, Juan Fontaive, and also dawing simply from nature.


I thought of birds as the ultimate philosophical creation. These fleeting creatures, hovering above and overlooking our world from a completely different point of view, have followed me ever since my childhood, when I used to notice the Hummingbird nesting in my family's garden.


The temporality of these bird's presence, the fact that they were just there and after a sudden are already gone, also had its impact on my designs for this collection. I created silhouettes which are referring to continuity & discontinuity of materials.

Runway video
Collection Prints
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