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The Cloakroom

// a collective storytelling medium for discovering and sharing personal narratives of relations.

Exhibited at ITP winter show, 2016;

xStory - Google Research Grant Show at ITP, May 2017; 

GG's Social Trade and Treasure Club NYC, June 2017;

TEI Arts Track at Stockholm's Kulturhuset, March 2018;

The Cloakroom is an art installation, a space for discovering and sharing personal stories. It is made out of jackets and a whole array of objects which are linked to recorded stories of different people. To experience the stories, visitors of the installation put on a jacket and find objects in its pockets. Each of the objects are linked to recordings of personal stories. By placing the objects in the basket, the stories start to play.

A Glimpse at The Cloakroom
The Cloakroom Explained @ NYU's ITP Thesis Week, May 2017
The Cloakroom